Welcome to the Next Stop End Stop poetry competition website. Fox Raven Press’s 2024-2025 Poetry Competition is now open for submissions. The competition began on March 31, 2025 and is open through the summer. The submissions fee is £12 per poem. We extended the deadline until next year to give us time to finish the Salaterre project.

The Publisher

Trefuly has been working with Fox Raven Press to publish poetry.. We support the arts and look forward to publishing a book of poetry based on the idea of traveling between to locations.

The Staff at Fox Raven Press

Fox Raven Press

Fox Raven Press is a literary / Poetry Imprint owned by Trefuly LTD.

The imprint focuses on poetry and fine art collaborations..

Thenextstopendstop website is our competition website and the final digital location of accepted poems. The website is the official home for the poetry book entitled TheNextStopEndStop.

Selected poets from TheNextStopEndStop competition will be invited to participate in the 2025 Salaterre collaboration. The current artists have now published two books in a series of poetry books for 2024.

For more information on submitting poetry please read the FAQ page

About – Open Call for Submissions

We Decided to Push our Poetry Competition to next year after we finish the Salaterre Collaboration.   The Competition is open but will not close until June 30, 2025.


  • Submit your poem digitally on our submission page and pay your submission fee of £12 per poem by June 30, 2025


  • The theme for this poetry book and for the competition is a moment in time during transit. Photographs will be used in the printed version of the book. The photos are taken during a thirty minute window of time transitioning from one space to another.


  • The Submission deadline is June 29, 2025
  • The publication of accepted poetry is scheduled for September 29, 2025.
  • All winners will be notified by email on September 15, 2025.
  • The announcement of selected poets and poems will be posted on the website on September 20, 2025.
  • Publication of the poetry in print is scheduled for Fall 2025.

Eligible Writers

  • Poets 18 and over.
  • All poets from around the world are eligible to apply for the Open Call / Poetry Competition.


  • All poetry must be submitted in English. The poetry published on the .de and the .com website will be in English (UK, US etc) but editing for the website and publication will not correct language choice by the poet.


  • The Next Stop End Stop project is an open call competition for the purpose of publishing a literary poetry book and two poetry websites, one for Germany and one for the UK.


  • Fox Raven Press is a UK literary imprint owned by Trefuly LTD. Trefuly is managing the competition, the creation of the websites, and through Fox Raven Press, the publication of a poetry book to be published in the fall of 2025.
  • Thenextstopendstop website is owned and managed by Trefuly LTD. All data submitted to the website for this open call is being submitted to both Fox Raven Press and Trefuly LTD.


  • The winning poetry will be published on poetry pages on the two websites (thenextstopendstop.com / nextstopendstop.de ) and in a print version of the poetry book available to purchase through Amazon.
  • The book’s working title for publication is The Next Stop End Stop.


  • Selected poets from this competition will be invited to participate in the 2025 Salaterre.com poetry project which publishes literary, art and poetry projects.


Poetry Update

Our Salaterre poetry collaboration is now working on book 3. The first book is being transformed into an art collage and version II has the updated poetry. The initial uploaded poetry was not word counted so, after changing the word count of the poems, the artist decided to collage the notes. The collaged art book …


We are fixing a snafu today.  The link to the submission for poetry and payment will be added soon.  The deadline will be pushed back two days because we forgot about the British Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday holiday that stranded us away from the internet. Thanks for your patience! Project Team for Thenextstopendstop 


Welcome to the submissions page for the next stop end stop poetry competition.

  • Submit your poem to Trefulypoetry@gmail.com as a PDF using the file name styled with the competition name, the year, your postal address and a random word not in your poem.


  • The postal address requested in the pdf must match the postal address used for payment on your stripe receipt. The postal address match is used to verify the payment of a submission entry fee.
  • Make an entry fee payment to Trefuly through Stripe for £12 using the button below. You will receive a PDF receipt from Stripe for each entry fee paid.
  • Title the poem but do not add your name or address to the inside of the PDF. A poem with a name or address will be rejected.

Once we have received the poem and the payment, the poem will be logged into the competition using the word in your pdf title and your postal code.