The Nex Stop End Stop – FAQ

1.  If poetry submitted is over the line limit, will it be disqualified?  Yes. Poems longer than 40 lines are not eligible for the competition.

2.  Can I make changes to my poem once submitted? No. If you made changes to the poem you submitted, the poem will be considered a new poem. A new submission fee will need to be paid.

3. Are simultaneous submissions allowed?  Yes.  You may submit more than one poem.  A submission fee is required for each poem.  If you submit in the same document but only pay for one poem, The first poem will be the poem submitted.

4. Is it ok to send a poem in creative formatting?  No. All poems must be typed in a text document.  If the poem is selected for this competition, it will need to use formatting that fits in the verse section of the website formatting.

5.  How do you know who wrote what poem?  All poems will be printed and numbered for review using a number given to the poem upon submission. 

All poems will be judged as a numbered document and stored on the website as proof that the poem was submitted for the competition. Each submission to the website sends our web administrator an email.

Poems will not be reviewed until after the competition closes.  If a payment is not associated with a poem, the poet will be notified of the missing payment. All payments must be received before the deadline date of June 30, 2025.

If the name of the poet is accidently added to a document, the name will be removed before judging begins.  

The submission form and document are filed together in the database in case identities need to be reviewed.

6. Can a poet use a pen name?  Yes.  If you use a pen name, please let us know both your pen name and your legal name on the entrance form.  We need both  for contractual purposes.

7. Must entries be unpublished? Yes.  We are agreeing to use the poem in a publication and publish the poem on the website.  If a poem has been published before, we may have issues with copyright permissions. The poet will be granting Fox Raven Press / Trefuly LTD permission to use the poem on the website and in a poetry book for all editions.

8. Is a poem on my own website considered published?  Yes.  Online posting of a poem is considered publication.  If you post a poem on your own website, you, the copyright owner, have given permission.  If you post it on social media, you are giving those sites, copyright permission to use your poem, and share it on their sites and sometimes on Google.

9. Do I have to send a paper form?  All submissions must be online through a submission form on Thenextstopendstop website. All submission forms will be kept on the site, which is used exclusively for this specific poetry project and poetry competition.

10. Can I enter by post?  No.

11. I submitted the wrong poem, can I change it?  No.  You may create a new entry and submit another poem.  Once a poem is submitted, it has been entered into the competition.

12. Will I receive confirmation that you have my poem submission? Yes. All successful online submissions receive an email from the website.

13. Are there subsidies?  No.

14. When will the competition winners be announced?  The competition closes on June 30, 2024.  Selected poetry will be published on September 29, 2025.  The Launch of the poetry book & the website will be on September 29, 2025.