Poetry Update

Our Salaterre poetry collaboration is now working on book 3. The first book is being transformed into an art collage and version II has the updated poetry. The initial uploaded poetry was not word counted so, after changing the word count of the poems, the artist decided to collage the notes.

The collaged art book will be published when Storey Tarris is finished collaging the notes from the book edit.

The third book has the collabs poetry and artwork from Feb 25 until April 10, when this editorial change was made. The artists work styles have been updated to fit with the new editorial style set in SINK Version II.

Storey Tarris UK collaged words 2024


We are fixing a snafu today.  The link to the submission for poetry and payment will be added soon.  The deadline will be pushed back two days because we forgot about the British Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday holiday that stranded us away from the internet.

Thanks for your patience!

Project Team for Thenextstopendstop